Fun Picnic Ideas For Summer

Fun Picnic Ideas For Summer

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming, nature’s playground is a great place to be. Make the most of it this summer by planning some fun picnics with your little ones. Go on, it’s a lovely day, get outside.



The original Kiwi picnic, pack your hamper and get to the beach or riverbank. Make a selection of your favourite sammies and take plenty of drinks and fresh fruit. Freeze a few Only Organic Smoothies and Yoghurt Brekkies and add these to your hamper – they will be a refreshing treat after a swim. Don’t forget your spade and bucket for sand castles, and collecting “treasure” like shells, drift wood, feathers and flowers.


Mix up the dinnertime routine by taking it outdoors. Head to the park or playground, or stay close to home and throw a rug on the back lawn. Keep the meal simple with plenty of finger foods or build your own burgers and wraps. Spend time watching the clouds, making daisy chains and listening to the local birds as they settle for the evening.


Little ones love dressing up so why not create a themed picnic around their favourite characters. Pirates? Pack a simple homemade fish and chip dinner with treasure for dessert – a medley of colourful berries and dried fruit. Shaped cookie cutters can turn sandwiches and toasties into works of art in a flash.


Don’t just leave picnics for lunch and dinner, why not try one for breakfast or brunch. When the little ones are rising early, go with the flow and start your day outside under a tree. Take your favourite cereals, Only Organic Yoghurt Brekkies and fruit. Or make your favourite super-smoothies and serve in colourful party cups.


Add some fun and excitement to a picnic dinner by adding games into the mix. Start with a treasure hunt, with simple clues for children to follow that lead to the hidden picnic basket. An egg and spoon race using hard-boiled eggs is a fun way to play with your food before eating it. Then get your little ones to make food art on their plates using vegetable pieces, cheese sticks and pasta.

We would love to see pictures of your family summer picnics, please share your fun times with us.

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